Jumia 10th year anniversary




Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Influencers, Social Media Amplification, Video

The month of June marked the 10th anniversary of Jumia, the leading digital marketplace in Nigeria. To celebrate, Jumia teamed up with Pulse Nigeria to launch deals and offers campaign. Jumia was offering incredible deals and discounts on selected products. The campaign’s objective was to raise awareness about those deals and get the audience to engage with the offers on the website.

Our Focus

We focused on social and engagement posts on our huge social media channels, giveaways to attract the audience, vox pops to leverage offline engagement to drive even more online engagement and a native article on the Pulse Nigeria website which attracts millions of visitors monthly.

We also reached out to influencers through the Pulse Influencers Network, collaborating with them to create engaging video content to drive our brand messages more directly to their niche audiences. The video content created by these influencers was then further amplified and distributed on our social platforms with millions of community members across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


At the end of the campaign, the videos, posts and articles were spread across the various platforms, reaching millions of users, and driving a huge awareness index and engagement with the brand, its giveaways and its message. The campaign gained both conversions and top-of-mind awareness for the brand.

Total Impressions 4,051,874
Total Reach 1,538,117
Total Engagements 897,676
Total Views 1,354,708