The Verve Food Drive: A human company to the rescue in the middle of a pandemic.


Verve - Interswitch


Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Video

On May 1, 2020, in the middle of the global pandemic that most of corporate Nigeria was still reeling from, one company launched and executed a food drive around Lagos, Nigeria. The country was still in a lockdown that had crippled the movement of essential supplies like food and medicine. For people who depended on their daily work to eat, it was a rude and harsh shock. So for context, families and communities were huddled in their homes with no money coming in, managing what little food they had at home.

The Verve Food Bank, an initiative of Interswitch’s Verve, was a staff-funded effort to purchase and distribute food items to people in less fortunate positions and in need of food.

What we did

The client wanted to document the food drive, telling the story of their work as honestly and humanly as possible. So they got in touch with our video team. We worked with the Verve team throughout the day, shooting interviews, creative clips and also including some drone shots. The final result was a visual experience that adequately highlighted the scale of the operation.