Toyota Ghana Mother’s Day Campaign – #ghanamumsbelike






In Ghana, as part of efforts to introduce its new Corolla Cross at Mother’s Day and build awareness and engagement, Toyota teamed up with Pulse to highlight Ghanian moms through the eyes of their children. In a quirky, funny and sometimes emotional campaign, we set out to showcase the warm camaraderie mothers share with their children.

Our campaign was built around this loving relationship. Leveraging our huge social communities on Instagram and TikTok, and dialing directly into the culture, we encouraged users to share videos imitating their moms, showing what Ghanaian moms would say or do in different scenarios. We received quite a number of entries from across Ghana and awarded the video with the highest engagement as the winner.

At the end of the campaign, we picked up the winner in the new Toyota Corolla Cross, giving him the opportunity to experience the newly launched Corolla Cross first-hand, and hosted him and his mom to brunch, with Berla Mundi, a foremost celebrity in Ghana.

The videos from #ghanamumsbelike cumulatively reached up to 93 thousand views, garnering lots of engagement on both TikTok and Instagram, achieving the client’s objectives while also very strategically endearing the brand to the audience through an interesting, remarkable campaign.