What does a media agency do?

Media agencies are an important part of the media ecosystem, be that the digital media space or the traditional media space. They play an important role in connecting brands to vast audiences. But there might be some ambiguity around what exactly a media agency does, for decision-makers on the client-side, and also for curious minds on the consumer side. Media agencies in Africa help a lot of brands clarify their marketing message, budget and campaigns, allowing them to communicate with the audience in their language, and building awareness and affinity, which are valuable in driving engagement and conversion.

This post will help to explain the functions of a media agency, clarify what a media agency is not, and provide some valuable guidance around engaging media agencies. 

What is a media agency?

Media agencies help companies create, produce and run media campaigns, most of which are aimed at helping the company get seen by people who could potentially become its customers and also increase market share. Typically what the media agency offers companies is its wealth of experience and expertise on how to marshall a marketing budget, what platforms should be targeted, what kind of messages to share with the target audience, and how to measure the effectiveness and ROI of the spend per platform. 

A media agency can be traditional, digital or integrated. A traditional media agency will focus its efforts on advertising for companies via older, non-digital platforms such as newspapers, television, print, billboards, etc. A digital media agency will try to reach its client’s target audience on digital platforms and spaces.

Traditional media agencies have been around for decades. However, as companies begin to focus more on digital platforms to share their messages, traditional agencies have begun evolving their services to provide digital offerings to their clients. Also, digital agencies have integrated some traditional platforms into their services which are still viable and still bring back strong returns on investment. The merging of traditional and digital media agencies has given birth to a new kind of media agency which we call the integrated media agency, a hybrid of both traditional and digital, offering clients a complete multi-platform reach for their media campaigns. 

About Pulse

If you are looking to run media campaigns, it is important to research agencies and find out which ones have shown capabilities that align with your needs. An integrated media agency with strong expertise and experience across Africa is Pulse. We are one of the media agencies in Africa with a strong reputation and track record. We have built the largest digital community of young people in our operating markets. This means that as a media agency, not only are we able to design, ideate and amplify brand messages to the whole target audience, we also have a huge, active and engaged community of users waiting to consume and engage with the messages we amplify.

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