Mouka’s 60 year anniversary

Mouka is one of the leaders in the bedding industry in Nigeria. With a rich heritage and history in the business, the Mouka brand has come to be easily recognized and loved by many Nigerians. The Faiz Moukarim family started the Moukarim metal wood factory in Kano in 1959, and since then, the company has matured into prominence, providing comfort for millions of homes across the country.

Pulse’s mission? Tell the Mouka success story in a simple documentary, highlighting the company’s values and the small community of workers and distributors that make the brand.

Our approach needed to be human, and deeply personable. A documentary like this would not just be relevant for the anniversary itself but would also shape how the company is perceived by its current and future digital audience.

Dudu Osun – On skin and flawlessness

In Nigeria, conversations about skin and skincare have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Over the years, however, these conversations have been skewed in favour of the majority. Consequently, some skin types have gained a bad rep. In this documentary commissioned by Dudu Osun, the Pulse team invites real people to discuss their skin experiences in a series of raw, unfiltered interviews. These respondents raise sore points in the process, exposing the unfavourable treatment they have received because their skin is perceived to be too dark, albino, or has spots.