Best Digital Agencies in Nigeria

The role of a digital agency in kindling creativity and driving product and brand awareness, popularity and acceptance can not be overemphasized. The agencies who lead the pack have to go one step further, and create truly inspiring campaigns whose aim is not just to amplify brand voices, but to step into modern culture and install a brand, product or service. The campaigns that achieve this are usually long-term and are focused on having an honest conversation with the audience rather than just driving sales numbers. 

Digital agencies in Nigeria over time have put out some remarkable and award winning campaigns for clients and causes. If you’re looking for digital agencies to work with in Nigeria, here’s a list of the top 10 creative houses today:

Pulse Nigeria

Pulse Nigeria has led creative campaign development and digital journalism in Nigeria since its launch in 2012.

Pulse has worked with some of the biggest brands in Nigeria, and frequently collaborates with other agencies to help them along in their campaigns. This is because it has built a strong, active and engaged digital community through its social platforms with up to 9.8 million followers across all social platforms, and can leverage this community to amplify campaigns. Pulse is present in 5 African markets, leading the creative industries and the evolution of digital culture, making it one of the few pan African agencies with relevant domain experience and expertise across Africa.

Pulse also has a strong video production sub-brands, Pulse TV for social and viral videos, and Pulse Studio for client video production. The agency also provides web development and SEO services. 


This agency has established a strong reputation for digital marketing work in Nigeria. OTher services it offers are Social Media, Digital Strategy, Web/Mobile App Development & UX Design. 


Cregital has established itself in web design for corporates in Lagos, Nigeria. It has built and maintained corporate websites for big players in the banking and finance industries. It also specializes in building digital experiences for end users that are reliable and delightful. 

Ellae Creative

This creative house has specialized in working with businesses in Nigeria to develop brand identity systems. The work that Ellae has consistently put out shows the agency’s emphasis on strong graphic and brand design. Ellae has also published high-quality case studies detailing their work in app design, development and launch. 

Wild Fusion

Wild Fusion offers a wide array of digital services including Brand Strategy, Media Services, Content Production, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising and Digital Marketing Strategy. Wild Fusion has built a reputation within industry circles and also across the client spectrum.


As a brand or a business owner, you must look out for expertise, experience and client commitment before either outsourcing your marketing or adopting a digital agency. The agencies listed here are constantly pushing the envelope in the creative field. Pan African experience comes in handy for international brands looking to set roots in Africa, but also, for small businesses and organizations based only in Nigeria, a key advantage to consider is an agency whose native platforms already provide your campaign with an amplification machine and an engaged, young audience.