Careers – Pulse – We are Africa's leading innovative media company, informing and engaging Africa's young audience – and providing expansive media reach and creative marketing solutions to our partners.

We are Pulse - join us!

Our mission is to inform and engage Africa’s young audience and provide expansive media reach and creative marketing solutions to our partners. Our talented team makes this possible.

We invite you to join the Pulse team in building Africa’s leading innovative media company.


These are the behaviours and skills we value in our fellow colleagues and embody as individuals and as a team.


  • We are open and transparent in our actions. We always
    do what is best for our audience, partners, and for the company.
  • We understand that to build trust we need to act
    responsibly and reliably, deliver on our commitments, and be ethical and fair.


  • We strive to provide outstanding solutions
    and support to our teammates, audience and partners.
  • We are social and serve our community.
    We make a difference by contributing our expertise to causes we are passionate about.


  • In everything we do, we seek to lead and to do things
  • We are continuously learning, experimenting,
    and improving to make things better for ourselves, our audience,
    and our partners.


  • We are energetic, passionate and challenge ourselves to exceed expectations.
  • We promote a courageous attitude and winning-spirit in ourselves and others.


  • We are enthusiastic about what we do, and we appreciate and celebrate each other.
  • We create experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire our audience.


Social Media Lead, Pulse Nigeria

“I decided to join Pulse because it was the much bigger platform I knew would move my career forward. It has been my biggest break in terms of achieving my career goals. I love my work in social media, I think that’s where all the fun is! I love the amazing colleagues I get to work with and how my manager keeps me on my toes - there’s really no room for slacking! Pulse helps you to see challenges as opportunities. My growth is definitely visible - I’m a much different person from who I was when I joined.”

George Salia

Head of Social Video, Pulse Ghana

“The company’s overall reputation drew me to join Pulse. I used to watch a lot of videos from Pulse Ghana such as Think You Are Smart, so when I heard of the vacancy, I didn’t think twice! I knew I had something to offer to help grow the brand. Working at Pulse, I always look forward to the level of freedom and creativity - I’m encouraged to seek new opportunities, collaborate with teammates and let my ideas come alive. The synergy between various teams is exceptional. As a video creator, I get the opportunity to educate, inform and entertain our huge audience through storytelling. It’s very satisfying for me to see our hard work come out in a video that has a lot of engagement as well as positive feedback from happy clients.”

Martin Wachira

Editor in Chief, Pulse Kenya

“I wanted to work in a digital-only media outlet that was willing to explore new ideas according to changing trends, and fun and new ways of doing things. Pulse tapped into young audiences and this really drew me to the company. We’re always pushing our creativity and bringing new formats to keep our audiences entertained. We were the first digital media house to provide mobile phone coverage for the Kenyan general elections. We also pushed the concept of native advertising in the Kenyan market. I love that I get to create content that informs and entertains our audience, but also add other digital skills like social media management. Monetizing content in the digital space is one of the worldwide challenges I look forward to cracking each day.



At Pulse, we’re a high-performance team with high standards. You’ll be assigned responsibilities that challenge you and help you to acquire new skills and competencies.


At Pulse, you’ll be surrounded by talent. Our team is dynamic and passionate about being the best. You’ll work on projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, in collaboration with a cross-cultural team from across the globe.

The right tools & support

We give you what you need to succeed by providing you with the best tools to do a great job. We offer you a competitive salary, great benefits, and generous time off to improve your wellbeing.

Respect & recognition

We believe respect is owed to everyone. We don’t limit our employees’ self-expression. We recognise employees making a difference.



UI/UX Designer

(Open to all our Markets) - Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Ivory Coast & Uganda

Apply for UI/UX Designer