Auto Repair – Brand Identity Design


Auto Repairs


Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Design

Winking in the dark:

Auto Repair specializes in car repair and maintenance in Dakar, Senegal. The company needed to differentiate itself in the fast-growing and crowded automotive repair market and better promote its services and the services of its partners, and sought to solve this problem by creating a new, distinctive brand identity system.

It engaged an agency in Dakar to solve this problem, but at the end of the exploration, the client was not satisfied with the work. They were not sure it solved their problems.

AutoRepair then reached out to the Pulse team and requested an engagement, asking the team to take charge of the design of a new logo and a mini graphic charter to support Auto Repair and maintain a visual consistency on all of the company's communication media.

The Process

Working closely with the client, we distilled the essence of the brand into visual elements and got to work putting these elements together to create a logo that would do the job. We also took into account the client’s need to stand out from other businesses in the space. Our job in this regard was to express the company’s unique advantage through the logo and our visual design, and in such a way that the final product was also subconsciously appealing to customers and prospective clients.

In working on this project, we came up with a few visual compositions that did not meet the requirements, but by constantly communicating with the client, keeping them in the loop and gleaning feedback, we moved from a general design exploration to a more specific direction, scaffolding until the final product.

The Outcome

As soon as we got the nod from the client for the final product, we went ahead to produce visuals and mockups based on the logo, a comprehensive group of digital graphic assets which when taken together, serve as a remarkable visual identity for the business, solving the problems of the client satisfactorily.