Betway – Leveraging a megatrend for brand amplification






Type: Social Media Amplification

Betway Nigeria is one of the country’s front runners in the online and mobile sports betting scene. They reached out to Pulse to commission a coverage of Nigeria’s biggest trend, Big Brother Naija with an aim to promote awareness for Betway and drive more account signups on the platform. This campaign was executed as a daily update format on Pulse Nigeria’s massive online platforms.

Associating the Betway brand with the much sought-after BBN updates opened up the opportunity to achieve the client’s campaign goals. We shared updates, polls, quizzes and other forms of content designed specifically to increase audience engagement with the updates, and ultimately familiarize the audience with the Betway brand.


Our results were remarkable. At the end of the period, Big Brother Naija posts published on Pulse, sponsored by Betway saw a result of over 10 million impressions and a total reach of 9,158,848, extremely impressive numbers.

Here are some more stats:

Engagement Impressions Reach
Social Posts 480,075 9,274,068 2,531,334
Interview Questions 364,382 2,531,334 2,165,880
Video Quiz 2,263 2,531,334 72,723

In the normal Pulse fashion, the objectives set by the client for this collaboration were met and surpassed. We leveraged our native digital communities, but also, we demonstrated a deep understanding of the audience in the nature of our posts on this campaign.

Each successive post was created and designed to drive up audience participation, providing value to the audience in terms of BBN updates, giveaway prizes, etc but also providing value for the client.