Dudu Osun – On skin and flawlessness


Dudu Osun


Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Digital amplification, Documentary production

In Nigeria, conversations about skin and skincare have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Over the years, however, these conversations have been skewed in favour of the majority. Consequently, some skin types have gained a bad rep. In this documentary commissioned by Dudu Osun, the Pulse team invites real people to discuss their skin experiences in a series of raw, unfiltered interviews. These respondents raise sore points in the process, exposing the unfavourable treatment they have received because their skin is perceived to be too dark, albino, or has spots.


The flawless documentary was the result of a campaign brief by the client, Tropical Naturals, owners of the Dudu Osun brand. The objective of the campaign was three-fold:

  • A ramp-up of visibility for the Dudu Osun brand
  • Leverage the Flawless documentary in different lengths and formats to raise awareness for the Dudu Osun brand
  • Encourage the audience to try out the product, the Dudu Osun soap.

As you will see in the outcome, we designed and executed the campaign expertly to realize its objective and even surpass expectations.


In terms of purchases linked directly with this campaign, the activation performed better than set expectations especially on Facebook and Instagram. Not only did the client record a surge in the country’s major city of Lagos, we also saw remarkable numbers of video views and engagement coming from other regions of the country, the South-West, South-East and South-South. The documentary resonated with the audience it was targeted at, bringing about robust engagement rates across all platforms.