Fiesta – Spreading protection


DKT International




Type: Social Media Management

Marketing an adult product comes with communication complications. Of course. So how do you take a premium condom brand and create open conversations on the internet that are about condoms, but are still content that children can read?

Fiesta Premium Condoms is a sub brand of DKT International, one of the world’s largest providers of family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion products and services.

Pulse was charged in June 2019 to manage the social channels for the brand. This meant crafting an effective digital strategy, creating and deploying content in line with the strategy, community management and media buying.

The Problem

Fiesta’s Facebook channel had been barred from running ads because of the explicit sexual content the channel was posting and attempting to promote. This was our first point of duty. Leveraging our exclusive relationship with Facebook, we worked to lift the ban and remove explicit material from the brand’s social media platforms. We needed to communicate the message of sexual protection in a fun, interesting and most importantly discreet manner. We employed veiled language which our target audience would instantly understand, but could still be interpreted as harmless fun by members of the audience who were not being targeted. Our alternative to sexual content was smart marketing.

The Outcome

The Fiesta digital community has quickly swelled. We have recorded a constant surge in the community size and engagement rates on all platforms. Between June and November 2019 alone, we saw impressions and engagement stats climb 4244% and 3234% to more than 4.8 million and 330,000 respectively. Significantly, link clicks rose to 5,930, representing a ridiculous spike of 592,900%. Not only is the audience overwhelmingly interested in, educated by and attracted to the content we are publishing, it has also resulted in a big boost in brand awareness, brand love and brand recall for the millions of Ghanians who follow Fiesta.