Gaviscon – Go on. Enjoy!


Reckitt Benckiser


Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Social Media Management

How Pulse Delivered A Campaign For Gaviscon To Grow Brand Reach, Brand Awareness and Brand Affinity by 483%.

In Nigeria, the Christmas season is accompanied by lots of partying, and partying is accompanied by lots of food! Food and great music are paramount to guarantee a good time. At parties like this around the country at Christmas time, the combination of spicy food and energetic dancing means that partygoers might run into stomach upsets and/or heartburn.

For Gaviscon’s Christmas campaign (themed “Go On Enjoy''), their aims were to drive more brand awareness during the Christmas season, keep the brand top-of-mind with old and new customers and generally increase visibility and recognizability. The challenge was simple. Craft a campaign that would reach the target audience within the season, to foster awareness, affinity and ultimately, conversion.

Our Approach

We carefully considered the brief and came up with a strategy to supercharge the engagement and reach on the client’s social channels. Our strategy included a social media calendar that focused on lively, attractive and engaging posts, collaborating with influencers whose target audience was relevant to the brand, and also the creation and distribution of listicles on our owned platforms as well as on third-party platforms.

We came up with a hashtag for the campaign (#goonenjoy) that really highlighted our goal, and worked as a call to action.

Our efforts mirrored the objectives of the client to encourage the audience to #goonenjoy during the holidays.


Although the COVID pandemic brought about restrictions in social gatherings which may have limited the number of events that took place within the year, the campaign performed above expectation.

With Pulse, Gaviscon saw an increase in the number of clicks (up to 187k clicks within the campaign period). In addition, the campaign reached over 5 million users across all the various channels where we shared the assets, which is 250% more than the planned and expected exposure.

Also, the results strengthened our relationship with Gaviscon. Pulse is working on a new campaign for the brand. We are consistently putting our insights to work to deliver more value on this campaign and other possible engagements in the future.