Jameson Connect – Celebrating national pride






Type: Event

In Ghana, independence day celebrations are a carnival and an important part of Ghanaian culture and identity.

To celebrate the day, Jameson has held Jameson Connect, a whole day of food, drinks, fashion, skating and music. After cancelling the 2020 and 2021 editions, Jameson teamed up with Pulse Ghana to revive the culturally significant Jameson Connect in Ghana on Mar 5, 2022.

The pre-event planning and publicity initiatives included PR (radio and television commercials, and a total of 6 articles published on Pulse Ghana’s website, reaching millions of readers daily), Influencer marketing (engaging 11+ influencers to share content with their communities and build anticipation ahead of the event), and artist management (Pulse reached out to, engaged and contracted musical acts for the event).


Jameson Connect reached and surpassed Jameson’s expectations. As a result of the rousing pre-event planning, the turnout was at least twice the expected size. We had a goal of 1000 registered attendees, but on the event day, we received over 2000 signups. It was a day-long party that brought Ghanaians together for a day of fun, laughter, dancing and merry. The idea of Jameson Connect is brilliant as it helps the brand to align itself with a strong aspect of the Ghanaian culture, keeping it top-of-mind, raising brand awareness and driving brand acceptance.