Jumia – Cows, laughter and exciting deals






Type: Storytelling, TVC

What do cows and marketing campaigns have in common? Jumia.

In this fun, spontaneous campaign, Jumia tasks Pulse Kenya to excite the country ahead of its Black Friday season.

As November 2021 rolled around and the Black Friday season approached, it was time to put together a campaign. As part of initiatives to raise awareness for the forthcoming Jumia Black Friday, Jumia needed to create excitement and anticipation for the season through a television commercial. Jumia needed a hilarious, highly shareable television commercial that would also spark curiosity and discussions around the upcoming event. A suitable solution would heavily leverage humour and also be presented in a very local context.

The Big idea

Jumia was offering cows on Black Friday at only 100 Kenyan Shillings to 5 lucky shoppers, to help elicit a reaction from the audience and fire off conversations around Kenya about the brand and the upcoming Black Friday. The stunt was designed to get people talking everywhere, and fire off organic word of mouth marketing. We decided to make this the subject of our storytelling for the TVC.

In Kenya, living in the city means that there’s not always extra space for you to own or raise livestock around your apartment. The big idea was to highlight the hilarious (and chaotic) outcomes of having a cow delivered to a no-pets apartment, or an office.

The result

The response to the TVC was just as we had hoped. On YouTube, it was viewed by more than 164 thousand people. The film raised awareness for Jumia’s Black Friday, boosting sales for the season, but also helped build awareness and affinity for the Jumia brand itself.

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