KCB 2Jiajiri


KCB Bank




Type: content strategy, Design, Video

KCB Bank Kenya Limited is a financial services provider headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. It is licensed as a commercial bank, by the Central Bank of Kenya, the national banking regulator.

The Problem

The KCB Group has created business and humanitarian interventions and initiatives that help the lives and businesses of everyday Kenyans. These interventions have been domiciled under the name 2JiaJiri. The client engaged Pulse Kenya to create and amplify branded and native content which sheds light on the work 2Jiajiri is doing, increasing the program’s awareness and participation.

Our Approach

Our approach for inserting the work of KCB 2JiaJiri was to take advantage of our native platforms and content formats, amplifying the message on the Pulse Kenya digital communities on all our social platforms as well as via our website through these activations:

  • Vox Pop video formats, live video sessions raising awareness by interviewing respondents and asking questions to check their knowledge of the KCB 2Jiajiri program.
  • “Let’s talk”: Interview sessions with KCB representatives where the impact of the KCB 2Jiajiri is highlighted.
  • Inside the Hustle: Mini documentary series and articles interviewing participants and beneficiaries of KCB 2Jiajiri, who share their stories of how they got into the program and their experiences so far.
  • Banner
  • Distribution of KCB media on Pulse Kenya’s native platforms


Our work with KCB increased the reach of their campaign, raised public awareness and interest in the KCB 2Jiajiri program. More than 736 thousand actions were taken online based on the campaign, some of which were young Kenyans signing up or clicking through to learn more about 2Jiajiri.