Kenya Commercial Bank – Creatively covering the World Rally Championship






Type: content strategy, Video

The World Rally Championship, held in Naivasha Kenya, was a rallying point for the country’s young and old audience. As it approached, Kenya Commercial Bank, a sponsor of the championship, needed to stoke the audience’s interest, engagement and participation in the races.

Working with Pulse Kenya and leveraging the large, strongly engaged communities on Pulse Live, they launched a campaign that approached the coverage and amplification of the championship through two new and curious perspectives.

First, the focus of the coverage was not on the drivers themselves. We focused on telling the stories of the other players in the race, like the navigators, marshalls, mechanics and spotter helicopters, people without which the rally would not be possible.

Second, we surmised that the interest of the audience could be further sustained by content that made them feel more involved and invested in the championship. The WRC Rally has a lot of technical terminology that can often get in the way of a truly great audience experience. So we focused our content on simplifying. Our idea was to educate budding rally lovers, and people who were interested in the rally but didn’t understand it very well.

The campaign was launched primarily on TikTok and Instagram Reels, where we saw the highest concentration, consumption and engagement from the target audience.

The response from the audience was higher than expected, with the video content reaching and making impressions on close to 1 million Kenyans. It created abundant buzz before, during and after the championship, surpassing the client’s goal and providing an educative and engaging rally experience for the viewers.