Lush – Unleashing Girl Power for brand awareness and growth




Lagos, Nigeria


Type: Social Media Management

We leveraged our creative capabilities and huge digital communities to help Lush deliver a warm, memorable experience for women and keep them connected to the Lush brand.


As the end of the year approaches, it brings a season of celebration and gift giving, representing a break from work for most people and thus, an opportunity to engage target audiences more meaningfully. It’s a great time for brands to share inspiring and relevant messages with their clients and communities to help deepen the connection and at the same time, keep the top-of-mind. This was the Lush mission for its December campaign.


The official hashtag for the campaign was #theseasonishair, a cheeky play on the popular phrase ‘the season is here”. Our work began from understanding the audience. Our already existing relationships with Lush gave us a strong understanding of the people we wanted to speak to. Next, we crafted relevant and engaging social posts that the audience could immediately connect to and engage with. With great content going on already, the next step was to amplify. Pulse Nigeria reaches millions of young Nigerians daily through its huge communities on social media and on the website. These channels were the bases through which we amplified the client’s campaign message. We also activated some user-generated content helping to strengthen social proof.


At the end of the campaign, the effort on our platforms achieved the client’s objective, reaching more than 1.2 million women across Nigeria organically, and overachieving on the client’s mission of building brand awareness and top-of-mind. We also recorded above average engagement including video views, comments, shares and other interactions across platforms. The nature of the connections made between brand and audience also indicate that they’re much more likely to engage the brand again and possibly convert.