Mastercard Foundation Senegal Covid Awareness Campaign


Master Card Foundation




Type: Outdoor Activations, Radio, Social Media Management

How an important partnership helped drive coronavirus awareness efforts in Senegal and drive down infection rates.

Mastercard Foundation has a mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion for people living in poverty. The foundation is one of the largest in the world and works almost exclusively in Africa. In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke, there became a pressing need to raise awareness around the world. This led the Mastercard Foundation to launch an Information Education and Communication campaign in Senegal to support the government, private sector, and other key stakeholders in driving this awareness in the country.

Mastercard Foundation reached out to Pulse to ideate around and drive this objective.

The Problem

With the number of infected people rising daily and at an alarming rate, we knew that the task of raising awareness about prevention was critical for the people, the nation and the economy. Senegal is a small country, and in rural, close knit communities, it would be so much easier for the virus to spread. The tasks of creatively communicating to all of Senegal the dangers of the virus and prevention tips, was critical to stabilizing and stopping the spread.

Our Approach

The objective required a full scale campaign, reaching everyone. Our messages and communications needed to travel as far and wide as possible and within a short time. For this effort, we deployed all channels available to us. We targeted radio, social media and outdoor activations and more for the best chance at meeting the objective.

​Radio spots:

We deployed close to 400 radio spots in the 5 most prominent radio stations across Dakar and other regions, driving the message of COVID awareness and bringing the topic into conversations and discussions across the country. We provided information on topics such as hand washing, physical distancing and how to wear a mask properly.

​Influencer Engagement:

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we engaged some of the country’s most followed and trusted influencers to communicate the message. This effort primarily targeted young people who are more social media savvy. More than 50 posts were made by our influencer partners, driving not just reach but conversations and accurate information around the topic.