Megagrowth – Mega growth through innovative social media management and deep audience listening






Type: Social Media Management

Megagrowth is one of the most recognizable brands from the Strength from Nature, a global hair care company with a presence in over 50 countries, offering affordable yet exquisite hair care for women of colour. In Ghana, the brand reached out to Pulse to develop and execute a social media strategy that would grow the brand’s community and online visibility. As a brand that had a core part of its target audience on social media, the management and growth of its social media channels was extremely crucial to its growth.

Our approach

Deeply understanding the target audience was crucial to us. We focused on social media storytelling, contests and producing content that was especially relevant to our target group as well as valuable to them. We began to see the target audience warming up to us. Over time, Megagrowth’s social profiles (Instagram and Facebook) have become the go-to destination for women with questions about their hair care, as well as young women seeking product recommendations.

A unique advantage the Pulse team has is our native news and entertainment channels which reach millions of people in Ghana weekly. We leveraged these channels for the client and significantly drove up the reach and engagement of our social media activity. As a result, we have organically grown the Facebook community to about 99.7 thousand followers and 14 thousand followers on Instagram, with high user engagement rates across these channels. Megagrowth now reaches more than 700,000 women on a weekly basis through social media alone.

The #100ReasonsWhy Campaign

We created and executed the #100ReasonsWhy campaign to drive up engagement on the social channels and also as a way to generate social proof and user-generated content. We asked the audience to share a video with us telling us 1 reason why they picked Megagrowth as their favourite haircare brand.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are still receiving a lot of videos from regular Ghanaian women who had no other incentive except the possibility of being featured on our channels. We have received a lot of entries and have been sharing them on social channels. Not only has this boosted engagement, but it has also worked just as we had hoped, and has gotten more people to try out the products.

Our efforts have helped solidify Megagrowth’s positioning in the Ghana hair care market, and have also driven new clients to discover the brand and purchase its products.