Mouka – 12 Days of Christmas






Type: Social Media Management

Mouka is a popular brand in Nigeria known for its mattress and bedding products. It is one of the leading mattress manufacturers in Nigeria. At the end of the year, Mouka collaborated with Pulse to execute an end-of-year campaign to reward its growing community on social media, increase engagement, build brand affinity and gain more followers.

Our Approach

To keep things exciting, we launched a daily challenge on the Mouka social media pages which we tagged “12 Days of Christmas”, where questions about Mouka were posted daily, and people were encouraged to participate by answering, to stand a chance to win daily prizes.

A combination of exciting graphic design and transparency helped to keep the excitement and participation going throughout the period of the campaign.

How it went

The 12 Days of Christmas campaign was a success as it reached almost 450,000 people, most of whom were not previously following the Mouka page. Additionally, we recorded a total engagement of 26,599.