mPharma Test and Treat campaign






Type: content strategy, Creatives, Social Media Management, Video

mPharma is a Ghana-based startup that streamlines last-mile delivery of prescription drugs, and makes them affordable, in under-served markets. The company’s website states that it has helped more than 400 thousand people save money on high-quality medicines. With such a large footprint, the company is now looking into creating more value-added services aimed both at strengthening the business and also providing more value to its customers in Ghana and other countries.

The Problem

mPharma developed the Diabetes Test and Treat campaign to raise awareness and adoption for their newly launched Test and Treat product, which allowed patients to purchase a bundle of diabetes-related medications for a much cheaper price, bundled with some extra incentives like free delivery and free diabetic coaching.

The mPharma Diabetes Test and Treat offer was pegged at 100 Cedis for 50 glucometer test strips, with added benefits like free glucometer, a pack of 50 Lancets, HBA1C Test, diabetic coaching, and free delivery.

The mPharma team needed a more coordinated campaign to drive more awareness for the product and rack up signups.

Our approach

We needed to alter the messaging and communication for the campaign. We also found it important to test other channels of communication, and gauge response.

We changed the messaging from a focus on the sale of test strips to highlighting the savings made on the product (versus similar treatments from a regular hospital) and the exclusive specialized coaching service.

The new messaging angles we decided on put a bigger emphasis on:

  • Educating about diabetes
  • Highlighting savings versus actual cost
  • Presenting Test and Treat as a holistic program, and not just discounted test strips
  • Highlighting the free added services.

Our approach was three-pronged: build awareness for the brand and product, then follow up with providing information about the specific offer, and then finally nurture and convert leads generated from the first and second prongs, via the landing page designed to align with the marketing materials and display.

Launch: Testi Wo Ho!

Testi wo ho means get tested in Akan, one of the local languages. The ease of recalling the phrase, and using a local language both meant that it could spread faster, and among older Ghanaians, one of the targets of the campaign.

Testi Wo Ho was launched with a web forum featuring the CEO of mPharma and Ghana’s deputy minister of health. This was followed by radio and television interviews, educational skits on social media, and a number of offline brand activations.

We created social banners in line with our new messaging perspective and promoted these across Facebook and Google. We also created articles to be published on our owned social media and web channels in Ghana with considerable monthly traffic and community sizes, generating a strong organic backdrop for the campaign.

One of the star performers in terms of created content was a simple project video that explained the Test and Treat program and highlighted the value of the savings of the offer.


At the end of the campaign for mPharma’s Test and Treat, we achieved very different results from before.

With a reach of 327,165 and more than 3.5 million impressions, we generated 341 leads. The campaign not only generated leads, but more importantly, it significantly raised awareness about mPharma and Test and Treat.

ROI in this regard is not easily measured.