Nescafe – 3-in-1 Get Started Promo


Nestle Nigeria PLC




Type: Community Management, content strategy, Design, USSD development, UX research, Web app development

#NescafeGetStarted campaign was designed to reward loyal customers, by giving out airtimes, cash prizes and brand new SUVs to further drive purchase and brand loyalty.

A USSD and Web app platforms were designed and developed to automatically disburse airtime and cash prizes to winner's mobile phone and bank accounts triggered by dialling code and/or submitting the scratch card code via the online platform. The aim was to make the platform easy to use even for the most unlearned person.

Our Approach

The USSD was built on optimized PHP Lumen framework for developing high-performance APIs. The admin interface and big-screen dashboard were developed using Vuejs to consume admin APIs riding on the USSD and Web apps.

Tech profile

  • Laravel Lumen (PHP, MySQL)
  • Africastalking
  • Paystack
  • Pusher
  • DigitalOcean