Nike – You can’t stop us!






Type: Influencers, Social Media Amplification, Storytelling, Video

As the African Cup of Nations in 2021 neared, the mood in Nigeria was an expectant one. The Nigerian Football team was one of the favourites of the tournament, and everyone was looking forward to a good run.

Nike wanted to leverage the rising positive sentiment around the AFCON to launch a campaign in Nigeria to support and increase awareness for the launch of the new Nigeria jerseys. The brand reached out to Pulse Nigeria to organize a campaign to boost awareness of the international release of the Nike Nigeria Football Federation jerseys, and at the same time, boost sales.

Our Strategy

We leveraged our large digital communities on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the global theme for the release of the Nigeria jerseys (You can’t stop us). The international theme provided a strong, emotional message that was capable of rallying the Nigerian fanbase and boosting their support for the Nigerian team. All that was left was to create media assets that embodies the message of the campaign and distribute them (on Pulse channels, but also on influencer channels), driving awareness, trial and purchase.

The Result

More than 3 million people were reached with the Nike message in Nigeria through this campaign.
Video views:
Videos associated with the campaign were watched a total of 1,275,903 times.
We recorded a total of 4,391,954 impressions across Facebook and Instagram.
The total number of engagements with campaign content deployed on our social platforms came to 153,825.

The campaign exceeded client expectations and achieved its objectives of awareness and sales. The success of the Nike #Youcantstopus campaign in Nigeria reveals a strong understanding of the context of the target audience.