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Type: content strategy, Video

Body odour is a great source of frustration and embarrassment for most people. And in most cultures, it is a taboo topic. In Kenya, Nivea saw this as a great opportunity to strengthen their connection to the audience. So they teamed up with Pulse to build a campaign around the topic of body odour, with the aim of building brand awareness and providing a solution to the problem, which often goes unnoticed because of how little it gets talked about.

The campaign would also directly position the brand in the market as the trusted solution. Tying the brand directly to the problem would vastly increase brand recall, awareness and positive brand positioning.

What we did

Leveraging our creative studio, Pulse created an entertaining and engaging video discussing the topic. We then amplified and distributed snippets from the video across our social and web platforms, organically reaching hundreds of thousands of users and visitors within the campaign period, generating a reaction from them and ultimately getting a portion of the audience to take action.

The videos also humanised and localised the Nivea brand in Kenya. This was a key part of the campaign, because it was a brilliant way to subtly insert the brand into the culture, while keeping it top-of-mind.

The Result

The implementation of this strategy resulted in a significant increase in awareness and reach for the brand. The videos cumulatively reached over 190 thousand viewers, with about 60 thousand engagements with the videos. This engagement rate is much higher than average, indicating an interest in the (mostly taboo) topic, and by interacting with the video and other users, the overall impression of the campaign is stronger in their minds.