OHCHR – A safer Senegal for journalists






Type: Journalist training, Social Media Amplification

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations whose purpose is to promote, monitor and provide information on respect for human rights and international humanitarian law in the world, according to the adoption of the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action.

The Task

The West Africa Regional Office and its partners have put in place new mechanisms and adopted new policies that take into account human rights dimensions in a holistic way on the cross-border nature of many political, security, humanitarian, environmental and technological concerns.

Based on the internal and external consultations held in preparation for the PTA/CP 2021, as well as the continuous analysis of the evolution of the human rights situation in the region, BRAO intends to continue to focus on the following main areas:

1) Peace and security.

2) Enlargement of the democratic space.

3) Protection of the rights of migrants.

4) ODD – ESCR and Prevention.

5) Equality and non-discrimination.

This is why a training retreat for journalists was organized from October 28th to 30th in Saly, Senegal.

- Initiation of the regional collective of human rights reporters.

- Journalist training retreat in human rights and on questions of the safety of journalists.

- Relevance of the Collective of Human Rights Journalists in the global context.

As part of its focus on peace and security, the enlargement of the democratic space, protecting the rights of migrants, and equality and non-discrimination, the OHCHR collaborated with Pulse Senegal to organize a training retreat for journalists in Saly, Senegal.


Objective 1: Foster independent and free media and public recognition of the value of access to information.

Objective 2: Prevent and protect journalists, with a particular focus on women journalists.

How did we solve the problem?

The journalist training involved:

- Creating a visual identity for the event and media deliverables.

- The development of an execution schedule

- The Design of a presentation template model to be adapted according to the content

- The amplification of the key messages of some participants in the virtual round table via Twitter.

- The photo and video coverage of the event .

- Interviews with the participants to collect their feedback on the retreat and the issues raised there.

Results Obtained

Pulse Senegal published:

- 15 posts on Facebook which generated 73,504 impressions for 2486 engagements with an average engagement rate of 3.18%.

- 15 Twitter posts for 12768 impressions and 884 engagements with an average engagement rate of 9.24%

- 15 Instagram posts for 41169 impressions and 1138 total engagements with an engagement rate of 6.54%.

Our work with the OHCHR further amplified the initiative and spread the ideas from the training across Senegalese digital communities, reaching more people with the client’s message.