Pilsner – Raising a glass to the Kenyan spirit






Type: Brand Positioning

In Kenya, the name Pilsner is a familiar one. Over the years, Pilsner, a legacy alcohol brand has carved a niche for itself and has come to be known as the ultimate beer for hard-working, masculine men.

What we did

In this brand positioning campaign, Pilsner worked with Pulse to change that brand story. The brand wants to be more synonymous with its support for the driving, resilient and hard-working Kenyan.

Pulse Kenya designed a brand campaign that leveraged its huge community of more than 6 million followers, visitors and subscribers on social and the web, and told a new story, refreshing the impression of the brand in the minds of millions, with the goal of immediately driving awareness for the new Pilsner brand story, repositioning the brand as the celebration partner after a hard day’s work, and also ultimately increasing brand uptake.

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