Realme C11 – Affordable, tailor-made tech






Type: Video

The Realme C11 is an excellent example of a tailor-made device. It focuses its attention on what young African mobile users look for in a smartphone and brings all those features neatly under one clean design and more importantly, within a favourable budget range. This makes the C11 a strong contender for most young people looking to pick up a new device. But this information had to be made widely available to people looking to buy a new phone.

Enter the Pulse Kenya video team

Upon receiving the brief from the client, the team quickly went to work creating a clean video that clearly and visibly highlighted the most important features of the C11. The objective here was to describe a compelling offer visually and get young Kenyans asking questions about the new device.

The client received and approved the final video, as it met the requirements by paying close attention to detail and emphasizing the most important benefits while connecting with the intended audience seamlessly. If you live in Kenya and you were looking for a strong budget phone whose capabilities offer remarkable value for money, the C11 product video would considerably narrow your choices, which was the client’s intended effect. As part of the campaign for this client, the team also created and published two articles on the Pulse Kenya website to drive awareness.