Skygarden – Don’t go to Skygarden






Type: TVC, Video

Skygarden is an online shopping platform and marketplace leading the eCommerce space in Kenya. Thousands of stores in Kenya have opened webshops through Skygarden, making it a one-stop shop for a large range of products.

What we did?

Pulse teamed up with the brand to create a film commercial that tickles the curiosity of the audience, employing reverse psychology to bring new visitors to the platform while reinforcing brand affinity and superiority in the minds of regular visitors.

Shot in the new Pulse Studio in Nairobi, the commercial invites the audience into an engaging conversation, leading them to a curious conclusion: Don’t tell anyone about Skygarden.

The Result

"With very limited time (and budget) the Pulse team was able to facilitate, direct and produce our first ever TVC. We're very proud of the end result - first of the kind in the Kenyan market."

- Martin Majlund, CEO, Sky Garden