The Facebook Africa Creators Campaign: Enabling creative talent, supporting growth.




Lagos, Nigeria


Type: content strategy, Social Media Management

Facebook is a media company that needs no introduction. Facebook and its family of apps constitute the world’s largest content platforms ever. The Facebook app, WhatsApp, and Instagram (other apps in its portfolio), combined, are used by more than 5.96 billion people on the planet monthly.

As part of its Facebook Creators Campaign, Facebook partnered with Pulse to produce a series of mini-documentaries, following some of Nigeria’s and Ghana’s highest-flying creators, young people who have leveraged one or more of Facebook’s apps to achieve massive growth. The aim of this campaign was to highlight the creators themselves, offer a peek into their journey, and their lives, and inspire the millions of people who would see these mini-documentaries.

But also, Facebook wanted to show what was possible with its apps and how its apps enable growth.

Our Strategy

To keep the audience engaged, it was important for us to tell the stories of these creators as honestly as possible. We spoke to each creator and built up a bespoke script that allowed each creator’s story to shine through and connect with the audience, working with 8 creators in total, 5 from Nigeria, 3 from Ghana, across fields like photography, choreography, comedy, dance, and fashion.

Using the hashtags #FacebookxPulse and #FacebookCreators kicked off the campaign with press releases and teaser videos published on Pulse web and social platforms, building anticipation for the project.

After this, we released the mini-documentaries in a series format, one after another on Pulse platforms as well as the creators’ platforms on Facebook and Instagram. With each story, the highlight was the creator’s ability to use the digital tools available to them to build a strong platform for themselves and their brand, often surviving adversity and difficult periods to emerge as a success story.

We also published articles highlighting the campaign, driving more attention to the mini-series.


The campaign was an overall success. Our video production teams in Ghana and Nigeria worked with some of the most influential and inspiring creators in both countries, creating great content.

At the end of the campaign, we achieved what we set out to do: leverage the real stories of real people to deeply inspire the young audience and demonstrate how much Facebook and its family of apps are able to support growth for creators in Nigeria and Ghana.