United Nations Human Rights Council (Western Africa) – Better journalism through human rights training


United Nations Human Rights Council (Western Africa)




Type: Social Media Amplification, Social Media Management

In Africa, journalists and media people, as part of their job, often find themselves in areas of unrest, and in situations where their basic human rights may be undermined. They are also involved in civic conversations about human rights. But not every journalist is trained in managing these potentially dangerous situations, or wielding their journalism to influence society to be more respectful of human rights in Africa.

Pulse Senegal partnered with the United Nations Human Rights Western Africa Office to amplify a retreat organized to equip journalists in and around Dakar, with the right information they need to participate in human rights conversations, and to prevent conflict. During the retreat (which lasted for 2 nights and 3 days), participants learnt how they could defend themselves and also how to interact with people on the topic of human rights, as well as the importance of information sharing between media houses.

Pulse Senegal helped bring amplification and awareness to the initiative through blog and social media posts on Pulse Senegal platforms, reaching thousands of website visitors and social media followers.