International Women’s Day 2023

It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re excited to celebrate our women at Pulse. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity, a charge for a gender-equal world, without bias and discrimination. Our contribution to that world is our immediate world, our organization. We have worked hard to institute an organization with these exact qualities, one that is free of bias and discrimination, and gender equality. As you’ll read from some of our women from around our 6 African markets, this culture is consistent across borders.  We strive to be welcoming and inclusive, but don’t take our word for it. We asked some women to talk about what it has been like working in Pulse as a woman. You’ll also notice that most of the leadership positions (including the Co CEO of the Pulse Media vertical of our org) are occupied by women. Here’s what they shared:

What has it been like being a woman at Pulse?

Sandra Koffi, Senior Content Writer, Pulse Côte d’Ivoire 

Being a woman at Pulse means being respected and understood for my difference. I work in a world where I am not harassed or underestimated because I am a woman. It is my skills and my work that are valued. I like to live this adventure.

Shola Adegbuyi, Director of Accounts & Operations, Pulse Nigeria

In terms of what it’s like being a woman at Pulse, I can’t even tell that there’s any difference between being a woman at Pulse or not because everybody is pretty much treated the same. There’s that appreciation for everybody’s work. Promotion is based on merit, and benefits are always based on merit and position. It hasn’t really been a case of being in a male-dominated company. I have felt like a normal person, irrespective of being a woman. I’ve been accorded the same respect as the other gender. 

Caroline Mbodj, Managing Director, Pulse Senegal

My engagement is to make sure that we give everyday tribute to women with different stories, different backgrounds and amazing experiences to share. As a woman working in Digital at Pulse, I am aware of the huge opportunity that we have, to reduce gaps and reach gender equality. Digital offers that independence to women to create, advocate and inspire. Having a voice that is heard, and a place at the table is the first step to embracing equity.

My wish, and dream, would be that we no longer need a special day to advocate for women’s rights. That would maybe mean that we have achieved equity.

Aurore Mondah, Head of Content, Pulse Côte d’Ivoire

Being a woman at Pulse is being a man lol. I really appreciate the fact that there is no difference in treatment between me and my male colleagues. But because we all know that a woman is not really a man, we are human beings with specificities. I am happy to be surrounded by men who are sensitive to my needs as a woman.

Lizel Muwaya, Head of Content, Pulse Uganda

If I had to sum it up in one word, the word is ‘Gratitude’. Working at Pulse has made me more appreciative of not just my work and my team, but myself as well. The media is an industry that presents a lot of challenges for a woman, especially considering there’s barely any time for a break. But here, I’m allowed to work in my space, at my pace; I’m allowed to experiment and grow. I’ve had the opportunity to test out a lot of my ideas on the Pulse Uganda platforms, and not all of them have worked out. But at no point have I felt like I am being invalidated because of my gender. A girl could always use that assurance.

Leila Umutoni, Head of Operations & Strategy, Pulse Kenya

Being a woman at Pulse, I have discovered my voice and the value of my opinions, no matter how insignificant they may seem in my head (we all know that little voice that’s in your head:grinning:). This has empowered me to reach my full potential and I am confident that even greater accomplishments lie ahead of me.

Katharina Link, Co CEO, Pulse & CEO, Pulse Media

I started at Pulse only because of the extremely high expectations I had of the company. Expectations of: a culture that demands and supports innovation, passion and commitment to constant growth – for both men and women equally.

I knew Leonie back then, our former MD in East Africa and she was literally raving about the company and its culture.

Today, having been with Pulse for over 3 years, I see this expectation and promise more than kept. We have not only a senior leadership team consisting of 50% women, but we have also built and further invested in an open culture where we don’t want our team members (men and women alike) to be similar but rather embrace the uniqueness of each team member and see their successful growth as a requirement for the company’s overall success.

Ndeye Asse Diagne, Head of Sales, Pulse Senegal

Being a Pulse woman is not at all a hindrance to my daily tasks as a manager, on the contrary! I am more fulfilled than ever, we are in 2023!

Fiona Weeks, Managing Director, Pulse Nigeria

For professional women, working at Pulse is a wonderful experience.

You have amazing women in leadership to seek mentorship from and there’s just a GENUINE kindness and shared respect between women. It’s a great place to learn, grow, and be inspired.

Wamuyu Kiragu, Managing Director, Pulse Kenya & East Africa

My work and efforts are rewarded at Pulse. I also get to work with and empower brilliant women every day.

Managing Director, PulseBet Uganda

Working at Pulse has been an interesting ride thus far. Making meaningful, ambitious and disruptive progress in the gaming space continues to mold me. With the right blend of dedication & passion to achieve more – we have the right ingredients, and taking the plunge, will be all worth it.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women everywhere, from all of us at Pulse!