Pulse People – Modupe Adekanye

Modupe, Head of Influencers and Partnerships at Pulse Nigeria leads an exciting life. She also has an exciting role at Pulse Nigeria, building relationships with influencers, building the Pulse Influencer Network and creating and harnessing beneficial partnerships for the company. In this edition of Pulse People, she talks about her role, her journey to and within Pulse, and how she spends her time.

Tell me about your background, and how you came to be involved in editorial work and digital publishing? 

So I had always wanted to work in the media space right from when I was young. I remember being in the “news club” in my primary school, we’d read the news during assembly time, and also write. This continued till secondary school. 

When it was time to go to University, my parents wanted me to study Law, (they all called me “the law” lol). It wasn’t easy convincing them to allow me to study English. Their worry was what I’d do with English. A mentor, who they equally respect, then convinced them that with English, I could work in the media space and do anything related to media. After staying at home for a year (a girl had to prove a point yunno), I was allowed to study English. 

While in school at the University of Ibadan, I worked in a radio station, Okin FM, as a presenter and writer. After my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) year, I did a brief stint at Inspiration FM. 

As the hustler that I am, I went ahead to work as a business development officer in an oil and gas firm, however, I was totally depressed working there. 

I then applied to Guardian; I was there as a lifestyle content creator; reaching out to influencers and celebrities for interviews; after some months, I became the partnership lead. Also, once in a while, I work as a video director. 

After 2 and a half years, I saw a vacancy at Pulse, and here I am today!

Tell me about how you got into Pulse. 

I told my boss at Guardian then that I needed to leave, I was no longer growing. He saw the vacancy on Linkedin and told me to apply, which I did. Temi (Director of HR & Admin, Pulse) reached out to me for an interview, called and briefed me (she was so nice and friendly), so I looked forward to it. For some weird reason, I missed the timing. I had bad experiences with HRs, plus, Fiona (Managing Director, Pulse Nigeria) was also on the call, so I felt I lost my chance. However, I explained, Temi rescheduled and we had the interview. 

I remember clearly that when Temi called to tell me I got the job, I thought she called to inform me I didn’t. So when I picked up the call and she started speaking, I wanted to just say “thank you for the interview, I hope you’ll let me know what I could have done better”, but it wasn’t that. I ended the call and started dancing in the office. Lolllll. 

Tell me about what your current role at Pulse Nigeria is.

I work with Influencers; influencer marketing, and brand-influencer relationship. Events and everything influencers. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts with me rolling in bed and wondering why I have to do this adult hustling thing. Then I open my laptop and reply to emails and Slack messages (I think the Account Manager guys don’t sleep tbh, there is always a Slack message waiting). Then I press my phone, reply to influencer messages (they always have something to discuss), watch Tiktok, check which influencer is making waves, and check events from the week. Then I have my bath and start working. If I am coming to the office, I think about Lagos traffic, play some music, and drive to the office. In between work, I play music and dance, (I do that almost every day). Most of the time, I don’t close my laptop till it’s evening. 

I know that work can get tiring sometimes. How do you draw inspiration? What are your sources of inspiration? 

Honestly, when I remember I have targets and need money, I work hard. 

How do you have fun? How do you spend your time when you’re not on the job?

You’ll find me in the new Lagos restaurants, or partying all night (I love partying, dancing and just not giving a care in the world). It is like an escape from all the hustle and bustle in Lagos.