Should you hire a digital agency or a creative agency?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur, an eCommerce brand or an established corporation. At some point, you will consider the option of hiring an agency to manage some of your marketing and/or sales efforts. After choosing to hire an agency, the next question is what kind of agency suits my needs? Should I hire a digital agency or a creative agency? What’s the actual difference between them? 

If you find one or all of these questions challenging and you need some guidance on what step to take next, then read on. We’ll break down the difference and show you what might work better for your needs.

What’s a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a broad term that generally refers to outfits that specialize in digital marketing in different forms. This could include app design, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management/Marketing, Content Creation, Online Lead Generation, Media Campaigns, Website Development, Email Marketing and more. A generalist digital agency has teams or experienced team members for each of these functions, allowing them to provide a broad range of services to companies and prospective clients, whose aim is to ultimately get more people to discover the client, engage with them online and make a purchase.

What’s a Creative agency?

While a digital agency is this umbrella team with capabilities in digital marketing, a creative agency is more specialized. It is generally considered to be a team whose primary function is the creation of all kinds of media assets and collateral that a client may need. These include logos, colour schemes, banners, newsletter design, videos, TV commercials and so on. A creative agency may specialise in a few of these at a time, but they are mainly focused on creating collateral. 

Over time, these definitions have blurred. But what agency you should work with largely depends on what your goals are. If you have very specific goals (like brand identity design, or email newsletter marketing), it might be best to seek out an agency that specializes in this work. 


As a full-service digital agency, our role transcends simply amplifying brand messages to the right audience. We are able to also deliver an end-to-end experience, from ideation to creation to execution and analytics for any campaign, regardless of scale. Pulse is an expert mix of creative teams and digital teams who work together to hit client goals. 

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