The video production process

Video production in Africa is changing fast. Leaps in video equipment and software technology have made the field more accessible to more people. High-quality video cameras are being built into mobile phones and excellent microphones are much more accessible at lower price points. Internet penetration statistics around the continent also indicate that more parts of Africa, whole regions, are coming online and the demand for video-specific content to these regions and demographics is surging. 

In this article, we’ll explain the value of video for your business and highlight the complete video production process. Armed with this information, you will be better equipped to make decisions about whether or not to invest in video content, and what to expect when working with a video production company.

The 3-stage video production process


The pre-production phase of a video production process involves all the groundwork and planning necessary for the actual shoot. This could include research, scripting, casting, scouting the best location for the shoot, etc. It could also include 


In production, the details of the video(s) are clear to everyone on the team, and it is also clear how to go about capturing the needed footage. In this phase, the main operation is shooting, but not before the technical setup, which involves lighting, background, green screens where necessary. Production involves the actual shoots, and then B-rolls, or filler video content. 


Many video teams regard the post-production part of the process as the most important part because in video production, a great pre-production and production phase can be marred by poor post-production. The video producer and director go to work, reviewing all the captured footage and making the critical decisions for which parts are fit to be part of the final video. The skills of the director and producer really come to light in this editing process. At the end of it, the team delivers the final product to the client and the video production is complete.

Who needs video production services?

In today’s world video is an integral part of any business. Streaming video over the internet is not the hefty task it once was, and so because of this, users will engage much more with video content than they will with long-form text or static images. As a brand, investing in a video pipeline that sheds light on your work has become essential. 

Pulse has created and developed teams in each market specifically for video production. The Pulse Studio video teams are experienced professionals bringing together their wealth of industry expertise to each project. We have earned authority status in video production in Africa and our large portfolio of high-quality, relatable and sometimes viral videos proves our market leadership.

Video production in Africa has grown by leaps and bounds, and as the continent’s top brands take advantage of video to ingrain their brand messages into the audience’s subconscious, you should consider a strong video strategy that helps you connect with more customers both in the short and long terms. 

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